Getting others to link to your website or blog is continually a challenge.  Inbound links are becoming more and more valuable each day as authors and webmasters realize the importance they have in the search engine results.  So if links are an item of currency on the Internet how do we get people to give us their valuable links?


Let’s look at what a Top Blogger has to say

Jon Morrow of CopyBlogger recently wrote a post entitled “Why No One Links to Your Best Posts (And What to Do About It)“.  The title alone got me to click and read the entire post.  In fact, as you can see here I have no linked to Jon, so he gets one from us (who knows, maybe he will notice). He brings up some great points that will give you ways to go after those valuable links. 

So besides what Jon wrote how can we attract some good inbound links?

  • Quality Content – Jon says that the sage old rule of “content is king” is a myth, but I will say if you don’t provide good content first no one will link to you.  Those posts you wrote about how good an agent you are aren’t going to get any link love, so make sure to put up information that is link worthy.
  • Let your Social Network Know – Now your social network may not be filled with power house bloggers, but they might know someone who is.  Let them know about a stellar post you wrote so they can StumbleIt and let their network know.  Remember people are updating their network constantly so maybe one of your friends is now friends with Brian Clark!

The Realities

The reality is that you truly do need to be patient to attract inbound links.  Being proactive and asking other bloggers to link to you is essential, but you need to understand that it will take some time and effort to build some great links to posts.  The reason links are of such high value is that they aren’t the easiest things to obtain.

As Jon mentions as well, place links to posts on other websites from your blog or website that you find of value and you just might get some link love in return.  Maybe start with picking a post here.  We might just give you a link back 😉

To your continued success online.

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