Just a quick snippet on this one.  As the latest round of updates to Google’s Algorithm still has everyone talking there is one constant that seems to remain true…Quality.  Quality can have many facets to it.  With the need to dominate SEO for many businesses being paramount to compliment PPC strategies keeping up to date can sometimes be challenging.

In the online world just a few of the indicators of quality can be:

  1. Quality Content
  2. Quality Design
  3. Quality User Experience
Quality can have a broad interpretation and as search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing look to provide the most relevant results, they will certainly look to locate the most Quality sites to put in front of eager searchers.  A great article, recently featured on Search Engine Land, talks in depth about quality as an SEO strategy:
One particular quote that I thought was excellent was “The hook is your quality resource which will attract and retain them.” Far too often people try to figure out how to beat the search engines instead of looking at how they can offer a quality experience.  Dive-in with the article at search engine land and let us know your thoughts on offering quality.